Language for Business

Effective communication skills can spell the difference between sealing an important business deal and missing out on a rewarding opportunity. Learn how to communicate effectively and confidently in today’s business environment with ADC Languages’ courses tailor-made to your specific needs. We carefully assess your language proficiency level and create lessons designed to help you handle workplace conversations.

For example, if you are at a Beginner or Elementary level, we focus on improving the basic skills that you need in your daily professional life. Our beginner language training course will enable you to effectively perform your daily business tasks, like making phone calls, sending emails, and networking with clients and colleagues.

If you are at the Intermediate level, we will teach you how to write formal business letters, give compelling presentations, negotiate with clients, and conduct meetings using your chosen language.

If you are at the Advanced level, we will train you to perfect your pronunciation, neutralise your accent, enhance your vocabulary, and polish your writing and speaking skills so you can communicate with confidence in the target language.

Our courses also include lessons on international business etiquette and culture sensitivity specific to your chosen country. Understanding cultural intricacies will help you smoothly navigate interactions with associates from your target country.