Language for Relocation

ADC Languages believes that understanding the culture and language of your destination is essential for a successful job relocation.

Therefore, we have designed a language training course that will provide you with the essential language skills to function and excel in your new location. We highly recommend getting in touch with us within a reasonable period before your departure. We will work hand in hand with your HR Manager or your Relocation Consultant so we can create a training course tailor-made to your specific needs. ADC can organise a series of one-to-one/small group lessons before you relocate abroad. We can also arrange language tutoring to prepare your family for a new life and a new school overseas.

Once you have made it to your new location, ADC Languages can offer you the choice to continue your language training course via online lessons for you and your family if needed. Our teaching method guarantee that you can work independently with the guidance of our highly-skilled language teachers.