Our general lessons will teach you the language skills you need in the variety of everyday life situations. This comprehensive skills base includes:

  • speaking,
  • listening and comprehension,
  • reading,
  • writing,
  • spelling,
  • grammar and punctuation,
  • vocabulary,
  • fluency,
  • conversation,
  • pronunciation,
  • appropriate usage and reducing your accent.

At all times, we will ensure that you understand completely the foundations of the language so that your language skills develop in a consistent way and you apply your learning on your own.

After every lesson we will provide you with notes to help you remember what you have learnt during the session. We can also give you some extra work to do in your own time if your schedule allows.

Our general lessons will develop your confidence and ability to communicate fluently, accurately, and effectively.



We can also cover ‘special’ situations such as public speaking, formal and informal language, idiomatic expressions, letters, emails, applications, documentation and forms, interviews, CVs and so on.



We operate a flexible and scalable pricing model. To encourage the all-important regular and consistent learning over a period of time, I offer discounts for block bookings of lessons. The more lessons you book, the less each individual lesson costs, and the better the value for you!

Our prices include both reasonable travel costs and basic learning materials (your tutor will recommend additional materials to purchase if necessary). We are happy to provide lessons longer than our standard maximum 2 hour duration, which can be very cost-effective as well as beneficial for learning, so please contact us for a quote, we will be pleased to help.




Interesting, relevant and fun.

"ADC assigned a brilliant Spanish tutor to my girlfriend and I over the course of the last nine months. Having slightly different levels of understanding between the two of us (I studied Spanish many years ago at school, whereas my girlfriend has no prior knowledge) she was able to accommodate both our needs and help us to progress at the same time. She is extremely personable, patient, empathetic and thorough in her teaching style, and always takes the time to ensure we have a full understanding before moving on to further subjects. She has taken a subject that has the ability to become a mundane chore, and has helped ensure it remains interesting, relevant and fun, all of which help massively towards the ultimate goal of improving your language skills. From the both of us, thank you for your help and support."


Taught with great patience.

"I've been learning French for 9 months and have really enjoyed my classes. They are well tailored to my needs, focusing on areas that I need to improve on and taught with great patience. There is great variety within the classes which fully cover grammar, reading, writing and speaking. I have a fun teacher to learn from, so lessons are enjoyable. I would recommend taking 1.5 hours or longer sessions each time, as I have found this has really helped me more thoroughly engage with the language and gain a deeper level of understanding."


The flexibility was really great.

"I took Spanish lessons for over two years. Not only did my Spanish improve but I also gained a lot of confidence in speaking too. A huge help now I am traveling in South America. The lessons were near my work and arranged at times that worked well for me. The flexibility was really great as I could learn Spanish while fitting it in amongst everything else. My tutor was very easy to get on with and the lessons were always fun and challenging, arranged around interesting topics and varying in difficulty depending on how well I was improving! I would highly recommend ADC!"