Language for Careers & Professionals

ADC Languages also offers special language courses designed for specific career and business needs. We have courses that focus on developing industry-specific language skills and vocabulary. Our Technical Courses encompass different sectors including engineering, medicine, IT, and more. For instance, our technical courses for doctors and health workers ensure that the medical language they use are correct at all times.

We also have Business Courses designed to help you learn general business jargon and develop essential business communication skills like writing effective business letters, giving persuasive presentations, negotiating deals, and understanding legal and financial terms.Our teachers have the experience in your field and will create a custom-made course for your specific technical language goals.

We believe that our students will learn better when they practice on material relevant to their industry. Therefore, our courses lets them to work on real-life cases.Throughout the course, they can provide their trainers with real-life examples of what they are working on, such as business emails, presentations, brochures, and more, so that the trainers can help them improve.