Language for Family & Relationships

Communication is one of the foundations of any successful relationship. Being fluent in your partner’s native language is certainly not necessary in building a strong bond. But learning your partner’s native language shows a deeper commitment to knowing and understanding them and their loved ones. Love is definitely one of the best motivators to learn a new language. And it has many advantages beyond the opportunity to establish a deeper connection with your partner.

Being able to converse in their native language can help you communicate more effectively with your in-laws and your partner’s relatives and friends. Perhaps you want to impress your partner’s family and friends by being able to read your wedding vows in their native language. Or maybe you want to be able to understand TV shows and songs from your partner’s native country.

ADC Languages will help you learn a new language using proven methods that includes comprehensive courses, tutorials, and exercises. We can also organise lessons for your partner or family, if you feel they might need to learn English or any other language. Get in touch to let us know and we will forward you a quote within one business day.