Frequently Asked Questions

Your teacher will provide a thorough assessment at the start of your lesson. This will enable you agree on your goals based on your current levels. Absolute beginner do not need to take a test.

This is entirely up to you. Bear in mind that it depends on the language you choose to learn and how quickly you wish to learn it. We suggest fifteen to twenty sessions of an hour and a half per week or bi-weekly for a Beginner (depending on how fast you want to reach your goals) in order to acquire a solid foundation.

Our teachers are native speakers and some hold a university degree in the language they teach. Most of them do hold international certificate such as TEFL for instance for those who teach English for instance.

It can happen although it is extremely rare. If for some reasons you dislike your teacher or his/her teaching style you can contact us after the initial lesson. We can arrange to send a new teacher and you will not be charge for the change.

No, as it is generally difficult to assess success in only one lesson. However, you can get in touch and we can find an arrangement if it is crucial for you or your company.

When booking a course you are making a commitment of the completeness of the program. We would prefer a full payment up front. However, we can also adapt to different situation. In that case we will do not request the full amount straight away. We will send you an invoice of half the total payment (payable by bank transfer) in order to commence.

The remaining of the invoice will be send and must be settled 2 weeks after the beginning of your course. Monthly payments are not our preferred payment mode except in special situations. Please contact us and we will see what we can do.

Yes, all participants receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of their course specifying the length of accredited by an institution, we can help you arrange for an exam if needed.