Portuguese Lessons

Portuguese Language Lessons

There are over 230 million Portuguese speakers around the world and a massive 220 million of them are native speakers–mostly in Portugal, Brazil, and parts of Africa. Yet despite having one of the largest number of native speakers, there are far fewer people who study Portuguese compared to Spanish and French.

Being able to speak Portuguese is a very marketable skill. It opens doors to opportunities in diverse fields and industries not only in the UK but elsewhere, especially in Brazil, the ninth largest economy in the world. Portuguese is also an important language in diplomacy and is an official language of many international organizations. And for people who are looking for a second language to learn, the beautiful and melodic Portuguese is an excellent choice.

ADC Languages can help you learn Portuguese whatever for personal or professional reasons. Our Portuguese language courses in the UK are taught by qualified native-speaking language teachers using an innovative teaching approach. Contact us now to know more about our Portuguese lessons.