Learning Resources

Learning Resources

Drawing from our years of experience in learning and teaching languages, we bring you an array of interesting information to support and aid your learning. On this page, you will find language learning academic tips, exam preparation and sample tests, recommendations and tips when travelling, first-hand reviews and much more related to the world of language learning.

We hope this will add value and help you reach your language learning goals. Our language experts have learnt many things along the way, not just languages, and we share their experience with you.

If you have a language learning query that you can’t find the answer to, please get in contact with us by submitting your enquiry by the online form provided.

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How languages can lead to a dream job

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Leadership Agility & Learning Languages – a more important connection than you might think

In today’s tough and opportunistic world, we need leaders who are agile. Leaders who are comfortable with ambiguity and not knowing the answers. Leaders who can craft solutions by collaborating and cutting through the complexity. We need resilient leaders who are fit enough to thrive in today’s volatile times. We need leaders who are courageous…