Spanish Lessons

Spanish Language Lessons

Spanish Private Tutors in London & throughout the UK

With over 530 million Spanish speakers in about 21 countries worldwide,  learning Spanish will allow you to converse with this diverse group of people all over the world. Not just in Spain, but in many countries across Europe, America, Africa and even in parts of Asia.

Our Spanish language course is ideal for both business or travel purposes. It will allow you to foster a deeper connection with the dynamic and colorful culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Whether you want to talk with friends over tapas y vino in Madrid, revel in a raucous Mexican fiesta, take tango lessons in Buenos Aires, or sign business deals in Chile, we have a Spanish language course for you.

All our tutors are native speakers and qualified to teach Spanish. We have training courses for individuals and groups, with each course tailored to your specific needs.

Our teaching methods involve matching you to the right teacher based on individual learning style. We will work closely with you to deliver the very best Spanish learning experience,  based on your lesson objectives, desired end goals, time available, level and budget.

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Why Choose ADC Languages to Learn Spanish?

ADC Languages specialise in custom one-to-one courses, small group training, and online lessons for students, business people, or anyone who needs to improve their language skills for work, travel, or family.

Our language tutor will prepare courses tailor-made according to your requirements and language proficiency level. We also offer technical courses focused on developing industry-specific language skills.

ADC Languages has a team of certified and native-speaking teachers with years of experience in teaching languages to adults. We carefully choose our language tutors based on their teaching ethos, which has to be in line with our educational philosophy.

ADC Languages has language tutors teaching major languages like English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, and Russian.

Our language programs use innovative teaching techniques that provide you with a strong language foundation. We use a combination of lectures, group training sessions, one-to-one tutorials, and online lessons.

Our courses also include guided learning sessions that allow you to cultivate and improve your language skills independently.

At ADC Languages, our customers come first. We have put in place a prompt and efficient communication and feedback system to provide a reliable and dedicated customer service. Our aim is to help you become fluent in your chosen language in a fun and inspiring environment.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your selected tutor after the preliminary session, please contact us and we will help choose a new tutor who might be more suitable for you.